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Web Design & Development

HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript

Wordpress, Bootstrap

Websites, Blogs, eCommerce, ePortfolios


IT Consulting

virus/malware removal & system optimization

website hosting and management

custom computing: personal computer builds or upgrades


New Media Marketing

Search Engine Marketing & Optimization (SEM/PPC & SEO)

Social Media Marketing

Mobile/app marketing



Cyber Security

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I attended Oberlin College, graduating with a double major in Politics and Philosophy in 2012. After graduation I began teaching myself the front-end technologies powering the web today: HTML5, CSS3, and Javascript - forming the core of my web design knowledge. Last but not least, since 8th grade I've been building, upgrading, fixing and optimizing computers, self-teaching myself to a level on par with that of the industry standard Comp TIA A+ knowledge level.

Professional Work Experience

I've worked in a variety of capacities ranging from business dev to marketing, to IT and customer service. Most significantly, I worked at the boutique digital marketing agency Elite SEM for 2 years, gaining an immense amount of experience and expertise. During my time at Elite I oversaw cutting edge marketing campaigns in both the laptop/desktop & mobile-specific arenas, performed essential market research and co-managed sizeable marketing budgets.


I am certified in industry standard SEM software/bid platforms and have a Comp TIA A+ working level of IT knowledge.

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